Solo works by the students of the dance department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Universi-ty of Zagreb and The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Non-verbal theater department

MATILDA HRASTIĆ: To drink from an empty cup
Author: Matilda Hrastić
Performed by: Mateo Babić
Menthor: Irma Ormezo

The performance displays the connection between immediate past and future.
It plays with perception and references.
It does not respect the logic behind time and space.
Appropriate questions:
What happens when we do something at the wrong time?
What happens when something takes place at the wrong place?
What happens when we put something in the wrong relationship?

Mateo Babić was introduced to dance as a child and started his journey through hip hop and house training, and in the meantime, he became familiar with jazz technique and contemporary dance, which he decided to continue through education at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. In his work, he does not limit himself only to the medium of dance, but also combines other disciplines, and he wishes to collaborate with other artists. He attends various workshops and festivals and is always happy to visit the festival in Zadar, this being his third time to be here.

Matilda Hrastić comes from Ludbreg, where she has been a member of the Ludbreg majorettes since the age of ten. After completing elementary school, she enrolled in the Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance in Zagreb and the First School of Economics in Zagreb. She continues her dance education at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where she is now in her third year of the Contemporary Dance Study.

Mentor: Nikolina Pristaš

The process began with a question ”How can I use my body to reach the spaces I usually couldn’t, by simply throwing balls”? this choreography is, therefore, a game with balls and relations; I throw them, use the movement to create the dance, I try to surprise, to create and to fail the expectations, I try to play with constant changes in focus, intensity and shaping. Using such a simple and familiar action of throwing, this solo explores the movement that turns into playful dance.  The solo was created at the 1st year of Contemporary Dance study at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, under the mentorship of asst. prof. art Nikolina Pristaš.

Ana Kljujev was born in Zagreb in 2003. She began dancing in kindergarten when she was 5 years old in dance club Modus. When she was 12, in 2012, she enrolled into Art School Franjo Lučić, where she graduated in 2020. During the years she takes additional classes and participates at numerous dance workshops by domestic and international dance pedagogues and dancers. In 2022 she enrolls at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Contemporary Dance study.


ENA JAGEC: Body of an ancestor
Choreography and performance: Ena Jagec
Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Nervous, Sad, Poor…
Mentorship: Maja Đurinović, Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Study of the Non-verbal theatre

This is a performance study of the life of grandmother Katarina, and the ways in which she fought and gave up. Katarina was nine years old when her father left. It was in 1953. Looking at it through her eyes, the whole world is made up of the past. According to her theory, everything in the world already exists or has happened and is repeated in pale variants. After the departure of her father, the death of her husband, her cancer, then her sister’s cancer, then hers, then diabetes, Katarina develops rituals in the day that remind her of the first nine years of her life. When we met, we created our own rituals, and when she died, I was left without a grandmother.

ENA JAGEC was born on December 18, 1999. in Čakovec. She completed her undergraduate studies in Acting and Media at the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka and is currently in her 2nd MA year of the Non-verbal Theater Studies at the Academy of Arts and Culture of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek. In 2012, she started working at the Dada Theater Drama Studio of the Pinklec theatre company, and in the same year she joined the Strahoninec Primary School Film Group. In 2016, on the “Festival of Festivals” in Trebinje she wins the award for the protagonist of the evening and the best lead female role in the play “ZOO!”. She attended physical theater, improvisation, speech, mask, puppetry, and dance workshops in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Varaždin and Čakovec. Ena has been involved in photography, video, film, and animation for 10 years, which is something she continues to do during her studies, so in 2019 she staged an independent performance “Hypnagogic Images” performed at the small stage of the Vinko Lisjak Culture Center Čakovec. Since 2020 she is a member of the Baraka Association and the women’s art collective “Zlehavaje”, within which she works mostly within the field of performing arts, so in the same year she creates the performance “Earthquakes of the Sky, Thunders of the Earth” with members of the Drama Studio Dada KD Pinklec. In 2021, she attends the artistic residence “Our House Has No Door” on Cres, where she sets up an audiovisual installation and performance “Pretapanja” (Melting) with Klara Modrić and audio installation “Micelia” in collaboration with Peter Purga. Her documentary film “Eva, 16” was invited to Liburnija Film Festival in 2020. Ena is currently playing in the plays by the Pinklec Theater Company (Drvljaci, director Vanja Jovanović, I (don’t) talk, director Romano Bogdan, I’m not Afraid of the Wolf, director Romano Bogdan). In 2022, she worked at the Istrian National Theater on the play “Istra ti mila materina” directed by Rok Olaf Pečečnik, and in 2023 she works on a play “Novi Satan” (New Satan) produced by Eurokaz and directed by Branko Brezovac. She mostly does physical theater and dance, stage movement, performance, experimental film, and animation.

22:00  Monoplay forum
22:30  MonoSTAGE

Friday, 25.08.2023