The opening dance piece ‘Movement Development’ is a homage to Nives Šimatović Predovan, one of the founders of the Zadar Dance Ensemble, who passed away twenty years ago. Choreographers Sanja Petrovski and Nataša Kustura found inspiration in three statues made by the artist Svan Riedl from the 1970s, which represent Nives going through three different phases of the same dance movement and will be exhibited in the festival’s living area.
‘Movement Development’ consists of a series of short solo works by dancers from Zadar who, based on their preferences and skills, incorporated the topic of movement development into a choreographic composition led by the Petrovski-Kustura tandem. Dancers’ bodies do not imitate the form of the movement of the statue but lean back and take on the idea of development as the starting point of creation. In a living body, development means flow, and the flow of movement creates a melody. The form only happens, but the continuity remains. By combining animate and inanimate movement, this dance composition stages the idea of development, which happened before, is happening today and will happen again. The musical accompaniment for this occasion was chosen and will be performed by Ana Lakić, together with the text written by Sanja Petrovski on the topic of the creative process, universal creative dilemmas and doubts, the emotional and intellectual process of searching for a theme and
finding the right form.

Concept, choreography, choice of costumes: Sanja Petrovski and Nataša Kustura
Performers, co-choreographers: Filipa Bavčević, Patricia Gospić, Nataša Kustura, Maja
Petani, Korina Oltran, Stella Rončević, Mia Nina Valković, Mia Šare, Ines Smrkinić, Nina Pavić, Lucija Jurjević
Scenography: Svan Riedl
Music: Ana Lakić
Text: Sanja Petrovski
Light design: Igor Petrovski
Sound design: Tomislav Kraljević Shome

Svan Riedl (1946, Zagreb) graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, and from prof. Antuna Augustinčić completed his postgraduate studies. He was based in Vienna for more than ten years while later moving to Zadar. So far, he has participated in more than 150 collective exhibitions, and has also organized several dozen solo exhibitions. Regarding his collaboration with Nives Šimatović Predovan, he comments: “Nives radiated reative energy, she was willing to cooperate, but she never had enough time. Always in a hurry. I made her first statue in one day, because she didn’t have time.” When asked to describe himself, he adds: “I don’t want to talk about the frames they put me in. I think what I was doing was realism, and if I may, I would add a poetic realism. I do not hide my love for the classics, renaissance, even classicism, and all that is beautiful, and I have some criteria that everyone can check based on existing experiences, as well as rules that exist and which should not be ashamed of, but strive for in my opinion, perfection. For me, Ive Šimat Banov wrote that I am a lone wolf, and they are not part of any art movement.

22:00  Monoplay forum
22:30  MonoTON

Wednesday, 23.08.2023