Exhibition Movement is…Association of the Blind of Zadar County

Zadar Pupper Theater

The exhibition includes personal statements of members, associates, and friends of the Association of the Blind of the Zadar County on the topic of movement and an answer to the question of what movement is for them. The materials were collected during gatherings, forums, and movement workshops in cooperation with Josipa Štulić, a member of the Zadar Dance Ensemble, during 2022 and 2023.

The two associations have been cooperating for a number of years through mutual projects that aim to bring cultural contents and activities adapted to their needs closer to blind people: audio description of dance performances for the blind at the Monoplay festival, three-year awareness-raising workshops for the blind and partially sighted led by Josipa Štulić, realization of a Kozonoga play for the blind by Lada Petrovski Ternovšek and Sanja Grgina, a discussion on the importance of movement, a workshop on making ceramics on the theme of movement, and training for members of the blind association as part of this year’s 15th Monoplay Festival.

23.-26. 8.