Dance videos

Author and performer: Josipa Štulić
Video and video editing: Vladimir Miketa

The work deals with the anonymity of personal space and time. The environment is treated with details of simplicity, solitude, and intimacy of the individual. Daydreaming and reality intertwine in the frames of everyday life. Authenticity is a prerequisite for anonymity, but also for universality.

The video is part of the collective exhibition 15 minutes of anonymity in the Zadar National Museum and was created as part of the choreographic-research process of Beštija, supported by the Ministry of Culture.

MARTINA NEVISTIĆ: Deep Neon: In Between

DEEP NEON: IN BETWEEN is an experimental dance film, where we created a dystopian atmosphere of three female characters whose bodily action is in a domino effect. It is inspired by the neon punk movement, cyber fashion and music that creates a specific environment of space opera. Due to the mixing of different materials, its interference and focus of viewing, everything gets another outlandish “oscillating” attribute.

Author and Director: Martina Nevistić Vukobrat
Concept development: Ivana Slunjski
Choreography and performance: Petra Chelfi, Nika Janković Disney, Martina Nevistić
Filming and Light design: Luka Matić
Editing: Sara Gregorić
Music: Višeslav Laboš
Flayer design: Luna Malekova
Organization: Petra Valentić, Nina Križan, Lucija Perić
Production: UPPU PULS 2022.
Financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, and with the support of the Center for Culture and Information Maksimir.
Premiere: 11.06.2022. 20:00h,  Urania- space of creation, Zagreb

Saturday, 26.08.2023