STREAM ZADAR is an educational platform that is realized through a series of workshops focused on contemporary dance art, somatic practices and an interdisciplinary approach to the body and performance and choreographic tools. The workshops are open to the general public, so the artists enrich the cultural policy of the city with their interdisciplinary knowledge. Through this educational platform, the Zadar Dance Ensemble hosts international and Croatian pedagogues, dancers, choreographers and other professionals in the art of dance.
The program of the STREAM Zadar educational platform is carefully selected every year so that it enables systematic professional development of local dancers, but also to support the connection with the domestic and international scene. The quality of pedagogue selection encouraged many professionals to focus their education on attending workshops in Zadar.

In August, about a hundred dancers participate in educational workshops, socializing, sharing knowledge and experience, and further development and creation of new collaborations.

The STREAM Zadar educational platform program for 2020 contains 4 intensive workshops led by experienced pedagogues, and will be held from August 6th to 23rd in the Zadar Dance Ensemble studio.