Dear audience,

for eleven years in a row Monoplay continues to grow and develop together with you. There are countless memories that we share, therefore we think it is now the right time to invite all of you to be creative and become a part of the exhibition that will be set in the Zadar Puppet Theatre during the festival.  You can participate with any kind of memory (either with a ticket, some photo, or anything that reminds you of Monoplay), but also with some creative piece of your own.  Let us know what is your link to Monoplay; you can write, paint, take photos, create… there are no limits to your imagination. We kindly ask you to contact us on  with „Audience Exhibition – 10 Years of Monoplay“, not later than 31st of July, so that we have enough time to gather all the exhibits. We are looking forward to your works!


Your Monoplay Team