Choreography and performance: Roberta Milevoj
Music: Miro Manojlović
Light: Saša Fistrić
Costumes: Desanka Janković
Project collaborator: Matija Ferlin

Production: Artistic organisation NIKAD KRAJA

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and realized in collaboration with the Mediterranean Dance Centre in San Vincenti.

ROB3RTA is the third solo in a series of solo works by dancer and choreographer Roberta Milevoj. It follows on from plays Roberta, Roberta (2010) and Roberta Again (2013). Previously, the artist explored the relationship between a performance and a choreography as the point where the natural emotional experience meets the artificial performance space.

In this project, the artist is primarily interested in the analysis of the capacities of her own performing body. These capacities are bound to be conditioned by internal content, which is what brings up the main question: how can personal emotional experiences, memories and internal monologues become the basis of a solo performance and how can the characteristics of one’s own (female) nature and the ways it is manifested in a dance performance condition different poetic approaches to the dance material and choreography. The body is here observed as a mechanism bearing the story as well as the performance history of an artist’s body.

Roberta Milevoj was born in Pula in 1979. Since 1998 she works as a professional on the Croatian dance scene, wither as a performer, choreographer, or contemporary dance pedagogue. She gained dance experience at various workshops and residency programs both in Croatia and abroad and she worked with renowned dance artists such as Matija Ferlin, Irma Omerzo, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Mala Kline, Keren Levi, Tomislav Feller, Rosalind Crisp, as well as with many art collectives such as Zagreb Dance Company, Studio for Contemporary Dance, Dance Center TALA, Liberdance, Sodaberg, MARMOT, dance_lab collective and many others. Over the years she develops her artistic style and has been the author of a great number of artistic collaborations and solo performances such as material248, Roberta, Roberta, Rachel & Sonny, Opet Roberta, &, U OČIMA, Familija, SCENA, and ROB3RTA.

Since 2014 until 2016 is part of the international project apap – Performing Europe.  In 2017, together with Ana Mrak, she founded the art organization NIKAD KRAJA. She is currently studying at the Dance Department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU).

She was awarded the Croatian Acting Guild Prize in 2010 for the best female role in the play NASTUP. She is also the winner of the Production Prize of the 28th Dance Week Festival for her play Roberta, Roberta. In 2018 she was nominated for the Croatian Acting Guild Prize for the best choreographic achievement in the play Familija. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Wednesday, 26.08.2020
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