Presentation of the Zadar dance scene

Zadar Puppet Theatre


 I don’t know her

Created by: Matea Bilosnić & Patricia Gospić
Performed by: Patrixa
Music: Meteo
Duration : 20 min

Patrixa’s solo is a sequence of transformations inspired by the perception of beauty through a physical and performative task. The material, inspiration and desire to perform are drawn from the moments of solitude.

Living the fantasy.


Created and performed by: Nataša Kustura
Music: Agostino Maria Ticino
Duration: 4 min

A series of movements move away from the idea of research and examination, and deal with a simple reaction to a certain action and stimulus. The creator tries to use the movement to get the body into an “empty” state and to react solely to the need for moving.

If I Believe You

Created and performed by: Maja Petani
Music: The 1975; If I Believe You
Duration: 4 min

The solo deals with the relationship between rhythm and melody, and music as part of the choreography. Through movements, the creator tries to depict various emotional states caused by music.

Writer in the Dark

Created and performed by: Korina Oltran
Music: Lorde; Writer in the Dark
Duration: 4 min

”The body says what words cannot.” – Martha Graham

Arhiva agensa

Created and performed by: Sanja Petrovski

In this autobiographic and self-mocking research piece, the creator deals with archiving live art on the stage. It is also a formula for the concept, structure, starting point, and atmosphere of the performance. Unusual theatrical approaches to storing and memorising are transformed and become suitable for contemporary performing art. Without indulging in recapitulative nostalgia, the feeling of permanence and longevity related to artistic activity of the Zadar Dance Ensemble is prolonged. Archive material recorded in material, personal and collective memory becomes the starting point, inspiration, the place of theatrical and life initiative. The focus is placed on the problem of archiving contemporary dance practice; this short performance thus becomes an archival medium of some sort, a collective place for recollection and repositioning. By changing the context, the audience is also presented with the question of the reception of dance art.

Zadar Puppet Theatre
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