Concept and performance: Pol Pi
Assistant and scenographer: Pauline Brun
Dramaturgy and costume: Pauline Le Boulba
Light design: Florian Leduc
From an original choreography by Dore Hoyer;
Music: Dimitri Wiatowitsch – © Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln
Dance transmission: Martin Nachbar
Production: Latitudes Contemporaine

Duration: 45 min.

ECCE (H)OMO  is a desire to reflect in action on the notion of inheritance in dance through an interpretation of the dance cycle Afectos Humanos by German choreographer Dore Hoyer (1911-1967). This cycle created between 1959 and 1962 is composed of five short solos. Five dances for five affects: Pride/Vanity, Desire, Hate, Fear, Love.

A few years later, I began to learn on my own the five solos that make up the cycle Afectos Humanos. Later, in order to dance them in front of an audience, I worked with the choreographer Martin Nachbar, authorized to transmit them to me. A long way for these gestures to become mine, to find my own dance within hers.

Connected to the German expressionist movement, Dore Hoyer holds in the history of dance an unique place on the border of styles and eras. She created Affectos Humanos in 1962, during the thriveng of American abstract dance.
Pi has chosen to treat these human affects not in the sense of restitution, but of a search, using documentary, performance, concert and spectacle. Traveling between now and then, she varies the point of views, rebuilding a living and fragile archive where each element is re-examined, scrutinized and shared.”

 -Spring 2017 Catalog, Centre National de la Dans

POL PI is a Brazilian dance artist based in France since 2013. He is interested in a broader understanding of the choreographic field, working on memory and temporality, language and translation, and the notion of archive in dance, with a particular interest for site specific. Pol studied classical music at the University of Campinas (Brazil) and from 2013 to 2015 he attended the master in choreography “exerce” in Montpellier. He has already performed for Clarissa Sacchelli, Eszter Salamon, Latifa Laabissi / Nadia Lauro, Pauline Simon, Aude Lachaise and Anna Anderegg, Since 2010, he develops his own choreographic projects, already presented in several cities and festivals in Brazil. He produced and directed the 5 editions of Free to Fall São Paulo (a scratch night project) and worked as a professional musician for more than 10 years. In France, Pol created the soli ECCE (H)OMO (March 2017) and ALEXANDRE (May 2018).

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