Concept and performance: Nastasja Štefanić
Costumes: Dalibor Šakić
Light Design: Marino Frankola
Production / Artistic consultant: Koraljka Begović
Graphic design: Paula Šantić
Video and Photography: Neven Petrović

Duration: 40 min.

ME, VIOLA AND I is the dance of two bodies, the body of the dancer and the body of an instrument, and the sound that is produced during this dance are the base of this performance.  To dance and, at the same time, create music for that dance, to play dancing or dance playing, these are some of the topics that the performer and author Nastasja Stefanic is exploring in her work. The deconstruction and the abandonment of the standard viola hold and the usual manner of playing this instrument, the examination of the possibilities of her own dancing body but also the body of the instrument – all this results in a specific relationship between the subject and the object whose interdependence is visible even in the moments of separation. By playing with a hybrid form of a solo-duet, the author opens up to the viewer, she questions her own self, her musical and dancing self. This is a solo as a reminiscence of a duet, a union with another body, a contact with an inanimate object but also an act of liberation through the exhaustion of her own physical body.

In the end, Me, Viola and I is an autobiographic research and a subtle flirtation with the relations of movement and sound, of living and nonliving in the form of a performance which is something between a dance piece and an experimental concert.

NASTASJA ŠTEFANIĆ is a professional musician, dancer, choreographer and a music and dance pedagogue who lives and works in Zagreb. She holds a BA and an MA degree in viola which she received from the Music Academy in Zagreb. She is one of the first generation of contemporary dance students at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb (ADA) where in July 2016 she completed her undergraduate studies and got a BA degree at the Dance department, the performance strand, thus gaining a degree of a contemporary dancer. Nastasja makes her own pieces and also collaborates with both Croatian and foreign artists (Thierry Smits, Zrinka Simičić Mihanović, Petra Hrašćanec, VRUM kolektiv, Marina Petković Liker, Marjana Krajač, Jasna Layes Vinovrski, Irma Omerzo). As a musician and a dancer, she has performed all around Croatia and abroad (Belgium, the UK, Greece, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic). Her authorial pieces, some of which were made during her studies at ADA, were performed at festivals such as Festival of dance and Movement Periscope (Rijeka, Croatia), Echo Echo Dance Festival (UK), Dance Days in Honour of Mia Čorak Slavenska (Slavonski Brod, Croatia), Invisible Dance Festival (Hvar, Croatia), L1danceFest (Hungary), Bazaar Festival (the Czech Republic). She has won numerous awards and scholarships, among them are the Dean’s award at the Academy of Dramatic Arts for her role in the performance Hunting family 2 choreographed by Francesco Scavetta. She works as a teaching assistant at the Drama department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and from January 2018 has the official freelance artist status.

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