Matej Kejžar

(LSLSLS) LanguageSausageLanguageSausageLanguageSausage

Dancer: Lana Hosni
Author: Matej Kejžar
Dramaturgy and set design: Petra Veber

The culture of inequality looks more like a consequence of individual performance, than a result of historical injustices and structural circumstances. The monstrous, alienated, creepy creatures are not personal and individual matter: “it is not a loss of what is most unique and personal, but a loss of connection to what is most generic and shared”. Monsters? Let’s please reclaim it!

LSLSLS is a punk, shaman, weird, ritualistic, crazy, erotic, abstract, words of twisted poetry of delight, extremely presence but hard to locate, monstrous dance where no-matter-what is already something: no-sense is the sensation; the indeterminate form of expression having difficulty to determine within the territory of “correct” communication. The LSLSLS is the artistic activities that are not shaped around representation per se, but rather a lived dimension of communication. In LSLSLS we want to fully immerse beyond the territory of framed communication.

Working with the reality of absence but extremely present at the same time, we will be embodying the character of a “foreign” as a conceptual character which 1) is capable of creating the state of suspension by interrupting general understanding of situation or problem, and 2) can offer, in a sort of ecological questioning of an environment, forging of new modalities of togetherness.

Thursday, 27.08.2020
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