Ab Ovo


How does a work of art come to be? How much time does it take? How much effort do you put in? How do people perceive the work you put in? Egg, the symbol of birth, new life, creation of the universe, with its naturally perfect shape represents the beginning. Of art. Of ideas. Of life. Of you. Of me. The artist presents meditative actions of casting plaster eggs and builds a large installation that is almost recursive as the eggs multiply and fill the area around him. He gives them an insight into the artistic process, the obsessiveness, excitement, and hard work. The performance is envisioned as a durational happening where the artist patiently makes the eggs throughout the day and finishes by the end of the evening when the installation is finished.

Duration: 8 am – 22 pm (break from 13 pm to 17 pm)
Author: Naonar
Photography: Vedran Husremović
Visual design and costume: Naonar


In times of uncertainty we look towards the creation as an answer and guidance.
When the “normal” is gone the only thing you are left with and you have is yourself.
Klown arises from that place of confronting that notion.
Klown is imagined as a self-made cabaret for 22nd century casting one performer.
The performer, Matea Bilosnić, embodies the role of Klown – a “neo-clown”, a projection of oneself that talks, dances and sings almost resembling a jester performing all the possible “tricks” she has up her sleeve.
Mixing different genres and ways of performing, Klown takes us on a journey that reminds us of one’s youtube homepage, randomness with a sense or nonsense of direction, fragments of the pieces of information, images, music and videos which make up our everyday life both in the virtual and “real” world. In that youtube of possibilities, some themes are more present than others, and those would be: addressing the mental health of an individual, political positioning of the artist in the world and everlasting search for the meaning.

Author and performer: Matea Bilosnić
Music & Lyrics: & Costume: Meteo
Dramaturgy: Hrvoje Korbar
Scenography & Visual Design: Naonar
Assistance: Patricia Gospić
Photography: Srđan Babić
Special thanks to: Zagrebački plesni centar, Ivana Vuković. Damir Šimunović Šimunko, Koraljka Begović, Lada Petrovski Ternovšek & Nikolina Rafaj


Host welcomes and invites the audience to an energetically transformative dialogue that takes place during the celebratory dinner. Starting with a simple group meditation, Host takes the audience to the beginning of their early childhood encounters with THE EGG. After reaching the necessary meditative and contemplative state of mind the long-awaited dinner will be served. Furthermore, Host is a constant spectator of earlier happenings and tries to give fundamental answers for earlier seen performances, but the meaning of Host’s performance is given by the audience itself while Host just provides the material for later discussion.

Author and performer: Patricia Gospić
Photography: Meteo

Ab Ovo is a collaborative triptych made from the starting point of the symbolism of an egg and its transformative power. Three visions are presented: egg as a beginning, egg as a potential for transformation and egg as a means of consumption.

Production: Meteo and Monoplay festival 2020

Tuesday, 25.08.2020
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