IMRC Collective / Presentation of artistic research Koliko smo spremni…?

Dancers – performers: Anamarija Jandrašek, Ana Jurić, Mia Kevo, Nereja Lasić, Josipa Lukinović, Silvia Marchig, Sanja Spirić, Tamara Savićević, Kristina Tolj, Helvecia Tomić, Marjan Pajvot, Leon Goličnik

Video artist: Tara Ivanišević

Artistic lead: Iva Nerina Sibila

Artistic research Koliko smo spremni…? was financed by the Kultura Nova Foundation.

We started the process Koliko smo spremni…? (How Ready Are We…?) by asking the question of how the lack/removal/scars on the individual and collective level should be dealt with within an inclusive artistic group, and thus innovate existing inclusive artistic practices.

We are interested in researching personal, strong and provocative performance strategies which greatly involve self-reflection and self-conceptualisation, and create the path towards new original moves. We are wondering how ready we are to be exposed to researching our own openness and performers’ risk through the game with our own multiplied, distorted, or by working as if looking through a camera.

The IMRC Collective is an educational and performing project in the field of contemporary dance. It is peculiar because it includes dancers with and without a disability. It has been active since 2012 through the production platform of the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, with the Zagreb Dance Center (education) and Tala Dance Center (co-productions) as partners. By performing at numerous dance and theatre festivals and continuing to produce educational programmes, the Collective had a significant impact on the Croatian performing scene as it moved the limits of choreography and the dance body. Its artistic lead is Iva Nerina Sibila.

Awards: Croatian Actor Award for Slađan Livnjak’s performance in Octet-stream (2016), Vjetar Award at PUF Festival for Lemia (2018).

Time: 21.08.2019
19:00 Monoasis

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