Fanny&Alexander: HIM

Fanny&Alexander: HIM

Production: E/Fanny&Alexander with Marco Cavalcoli
Dramaturgy: Chiara Lagani
Direction: Luigi de Angelis
Promotion: Ilenia Carrone

Duration: 75 min


A movie on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is projected on a big screen placed on the stage. Underneath it, at the centre of the scene, the figure of a little dictator-director, obsessed by the movie, incessantly dubbing it, arrogating all the roles and the whole sound to himself: voices, music and sound effects. The comic quality comes out from the impossibility to actually dub everything and, therefore, from the necessity to select each time the parts and situations to be given voice to. It’s as if the little dictator-director was „spoken“ by the movie. He properly fits different modalities to his voice for each and every character and event in the movie, in an exhilarating performative mixture on one hand exalting the movie’s events, coup-de-scènes and words, on the other hand offering the vitality of theatre’s modalities and rhythms.

In Him, what we see is as simple as it is complex, whirling, and asymmetrical to gain knowledge of the form which we are attending. On the back wall we can watch The Wizard of Oz by Victor Fleming. On the empty stage there is just one actor, on his knees –Marco Cavalcoli. In front of him, on the ground, a little computer. There is also, or first of all, the wizard of Oz, that famous charlatan for children, for the children that we all are.

And who can be, in the language of Fanny & Alexander, the prince charlatan, that childish, demented wizard, if not Hitler, Him? Being absent the reduction of the criminal to a burlesque character, this Hitler who is in contrast to the purity of Dorothy isn’t Hitler anymore, but the artificer of an extraordinary proof, that is Marco Cavalcoli. He is a wizard in every respect, that is, he leads the game – of homesickness and of the escape from home, of criminal desire and of repentance (on your knees). Our real home, he tells us, is what we do of ourselves when we are adults, when, like Dorothy, we are homeless.


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