Author, choreographer, and performer: Lada Petrovski Ternovšek
Light design, video, and photography: Borut Bučinel
Music: Sebastijan Duh
Assistant choreographer: Matea Bilosnić
Partners: Glej Theatre, Zadar Dance Ensemble
Special thanks to Body.Mind Ljubljana
Premiere: 14 December 2022
Financial support: the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Ljubljana

Silent Tales is a performance that gives insight into the invisible part of human nature.
It contains of six stories, each titled as a chapter in a visual-dance book, accompanied by the music of Sebastijan Duh and light design by Borut Bučinel, erasing the border between fantasy and reality.
The body is vulnerable and turned to itself, torn between emotional and physical states.

LADA PETROVSKI TERNOVŠEK is a Croatian freelance choreographer, dancer and performer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
In 2008 she finished her studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance SEAD.
She performed, collaborated, and danced for various choreographers, theater and dance companies over the past years, including Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Josef Nadj, Kathleen Fisher, EnKnapGroup among others. Over the past decade she has performed at festivals and theaters worldwide.
Together with the company EnKnapGroup, she received the Župančič Award for past works and their influence on the Slovenian dance scene.
Lada is coordinator and selector of the contemporary dance festival Monoplay.

Thursday, 24.08.2023